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The Difference Between Looking At a Home Online vs In Person

The Difference Between Looking At a Home Online vs In Person

SURPRISE!!! That’s what usually goes off in the background when you walk into a house that you saw online, only to see that it’s NOTHING like what it looked like when you saw it on Zillow. Size, noises, smells, there are a TON of things that you WON’T see in the listing online…

It never fails.  You THINK you’ve found the perfect home looking on Zillow.  You’ve convinced yourself that the house is perfect, yard is huge, house is beautiful, huge master, bigger den, full basement.  Then you get there to walk through it.  And, it’s a SHOE BOX.  Not even, small, it’s TINY…

That’s what a wide angle lens camera will do to you.  You see, it’s a special camera that you can use to fit an entire room into a photo.  You can’t do that with most regular cameras.  And, the problem is, it makes the room look three times the size.  So, don’t have your heart set on a house before you go physically see it.

Then, let’s talk about SMELLS.  When an agent takes pictures of a home for sale, 9 times out of ten, they’re removing the dog bowls, cat bowls, litter box, and anything else that says potentially, there may be pet odors in the home.  So, you won’t find that out till you get there.  Same goes for that farm next door to that beauty!  You won’t see any yard pics that will show that farm next door, especially if you can smell any manure of anything else at the property…

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Lastly, NOISE.  Guys, you have no idea from pictures if the next door neighbor has a dog that barks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Your house may back up to a major highway.  Last year I showed a GORGEOUS home in a nice area, and we didn’t realize until we were IN The home, and heard the noise outside, that there was a lumber yard right across the street adjacent to the home.  We could barely see it around the corner, but we heard it!  And, they received deliveries practically around the clock.

So, before you have your heart set on a house you see online, GO SEE IT.  And, go see it at different times of day.  See your potential neighbors, their kids.  Traffic.  Noise.  You NEED to do this, or you may be in for some unpleasant surprises after it’s too late.

~Christine Gerbehy

About the Author: Christine Gerbehy is a Realtor for Berkshire Hathaway Fox & Roach Realtors in Northfield, NJ. and is e-Pro certified. Realtor, writer, blogger, wife, mother and zookeeper, I LOVE what I do. ALL of it. Let me help you to buy or sell your property, ’cause This Mama Sells Real Estate!

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nj real estate mama