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Life With Giant Dogs, or, Whose House Is It, Anyway?

Life With Giant Dogs, or, Whose House Is It, Anyway?

They say that there’s no love like the unconditional love that at dog will give you. Well, if that’s the case, there’s a whole lot of love in my house. Life with a dog is one thing. Life with a giant dog is another. Life with TWO of them? Well…

We have a Bull Mastiff and a French Mastiff, aka Dogue de Bordeaux.  One “See Spot Run,” and one “Turner and Hooch.”  “What do you feed them?” is the common question of the day. Answer?  Anything they want. “Where do they sleep?” Answer? Anywhere they want. Do you see a common thread here? You see, dogs have their own set of rules. Whether or not they apply to you, well, that’s irrelevant. Actually, no it’s not, they all apply to you, and whether or not you fit in with that plan, well…

Nick and Reilly
Nicky and my 8 year old, Reilly

Now don’t get me wrong, my dogs may be spoiled, but they behave. Well, most of the time they behave. Well, one kind of marches to the beat of his own drum. Wow, that kind of sounds like the rules when we got said dogs. “Ok, the dog is allowed in the house, but not on the furniture,” which turned into, “ok well only the old furniture.” Which turned into, “ok all of the furniture but not on the bed.” Which turned into, “ok but only when I say it’s okay to be on the bed.” Which turned into every waking moment that we were not in the bed, and jockeying for space, trying to beat the dogs getting into said bed. That usually turns into me on the edge of one side of the bed, my husband on the edge of the other side of the bed and the dogs laying long ways in between. You see, a giant dog already weighs about 140-160 pounds. It’s hard enough to move that dog when he’s standing. I have TWO of them.  When they’re snoring snarfing dead weight?  Have you ever tried to move a boulder??? That couch is really starting to look good right about now.

Gunner, 7mos. and growing…

Oh, yeah, about the couch. We bought a nice 4 recliner Theater Seating couch. Nicky likes to curl up on the far left chair. Usually, my husband takes the right, I take the middle with my son. Well, now that we have Gunner, things have changed a bit. Nicky stays on the right, Gunner takes the middle two, and it’s a race for the last spot that’s left, and that’s usually my 8 year old that wins. My husband and I end up going in the bedroom to watch TV on the bed. And what do you think happens 2 minutes after we get comfortable? You guessed it, here come the dogs…

Is it a pain in the butt? You bet. Do we get frustrated? Absolutely! Would I trade any of it for anything? Not on your life (well, the jury’s still out on my husband…). Both of my legs may fall asleep as one or both are resting on my lap. I may freeze my tail off when one of them hogs all the blankets. But there’s a whole lot of love in my house, & I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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