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Poison Ivy? Got Goats?

Poison Ivy? Got Goats?

Okay, so picture this…


You haven’t gone out to tend to your backyard in a year or two, or five. You go to walk to the outer edges of the yard where your fence is, and they are completely covered with wall to wall climbing ivy. Even better, let’s make that POISON IVY. Now I’ll tell you what, I’ve gotten poison ivy, and it ain’t no party! So now you have to realize that when you go to try to remove it, not only do you need to be completely covered, but whatever you do, don’t touch that yard tool ya just used with bare hands(or anything ELSE that’s bare for that matter!!!)! After you have used the rake, or the lawn mower, or the shovel after touching the poison ivy with them, just the oil from the poison ivy that’s attached to the tools will have you scratching for the rest of the month!

So, what’s a poor homeowner to do?

                                                                 Got goats?

Ok, there are animals that love to graze, but let’s face it, poison ivy has to be an acquired taste! What animal has no taste what so ever? Or at least really bad taste in greens? Goats! Goats love grass, love ivy even more, and love poison ivy even more than that! Okay, so what’s that got to do with the price of potatoes on Tuesday you ask? Wellllllllll….

Did you know that you can rent goats for ivy removal? Yes my friends, there are plenty of companies out there that will rent you their goats for just such a special occasion. Think I’m kidding? Google it! Even better, Google your county, I’ll bet you find at least one, unless you live in New York City. You might even find at least one in upstate New York that’s willing to bring them! Definitely ecologically friendly, super definitely easier on your skin. They’ll usually bring in any number of goats, and they will set up temporary electric fencing to kind of keep them where you need them to be eating. Sometimes, they will have a dog there also to keep an eye on them.

So how can they do all that and not get sick? The goats actually have an enzyme in their gut that allows them to eat plants that are usually poisonous to other animals. AND, because of the way their mouth is structured, they crush whatever they eat, so any seeds that another animal might eat that could pass through to be refertilized are no longer viable. The only problem with using them for poison ivy is that they may eat the poison ivy, but they don’t eat the roots. That allows the poison ivy to grow back. Now the goats will be chomping away all day, and they can go through pretty dense areas at a rate of about a quarter acre per day for 30 goats. That depends, of course upon how thick the vegetation is and the size of the goats. So, next time you walk out into your backyard and go into total overwhelm looking at your overgrown urban jungle, just ask the question,  Got Goat?


Singer Natalie Cole Dead at 65

Singer Natalie Cole, dead at 65…

Natalie Cole
Natalie Cole (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Just caught the breaking news that Natalie Cole has passed away at the age of 65.  She is/was the daughter of the late jazz great, Nat King Cole.

Her publicist says that she passed last night, but no details as to how or why she passed.  Natalie had long battled with drugs, and as such had gotten hepatitis.  Because of that, she underwent a kidney transplant in 2009.

Natalie had recorded an album, Unforgettable, back in 1991.  I had been a compilation of many of her late father’s songs reworked.  She had actually taken a taped version of that song and created a duet out of it.  That album got 6 grammys and sold over 14 MILLION copies!

I’ll update the post as info comes available…


Cole’s rep said in a statement to TMZ, who add the singer passed away from congestive heart failure. “Natalie fought a fierce, courageous battle, dying how she lived..with dignity, strength and honor. Our beloved Mother and sister will be greatly missed and remain UNFORGETTABLE in our hearts forever.”

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/natalie-cole-unforgettable-r-b-singer-dead-at-65-20160101#ixzz3w1Z4xVSk
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