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Rock Icon David Bowie, Dead at 69

Rock Icon David Bowie, Dead at 69

I’m shocked and dazed at the news that the legendary David Bowie passed away yesterday. He had been fighting cancer for the last 18 months…

Some of the greatest music of my life time, mostly during my teen years, was all Bowie. Bowie broke some of the craziest rules and boundaries in rock and roll. I remember the first time I saw him doing Ziggy Stardust. The flaming red spiky hair, the eyeliner, the glitter, we all thought he was a nutcase,lol! But the music was amazing. Back in the eighties, in the beginning years of MTV, his number one hits included “Fame,” my personal favorite, “Let’s Dance,””Blue Jean,” “Heroes…” “Fame” was a bit earlier, but just as awesome.

Bowie, por Bryan Duffy, 1973


I went to see Bowie during the Glass Spider tour, and it was absolutely the most incredible concert of my life. Bowie’s birthday was on Friday, he turned 69, and amazingly on the same day he put out a new album, “Blackstar.” His real name was David Jones. If you remember, his music styles changed with every album. I remember the first time my dad saw him during Ziggy Stardust, he said, “You couldn’t tell if he was a man or a woman,” lol! I also never knew that John Lennon co wrote the song “Fame” with him. If you remember, he also did “Under Pressure” with Queen. “Heroes” carried a lot of weight, and as West Berlin Mayor Michael Muller said, Heroes “became the hymn of our then-divided city and its longing for freedom.” Germany‘s foreign ministry said that Bowie was  “now among heroes” and thanked him for “helping to bring down the wall.”  At the concert that was held for the WTC rescue workers, he performed Heroes. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in ’96, but he didn’t go to get his award. Madonna accepted that award for him.

David Byrne of the ever strange group, “Talking Heads,” inducted Bowie and said he gave rock music a necessary shot in the arm.  He said:

“Like all rock ‘n’ roll, it was visionary, it was tasteless, it was glamorous, it was perverse, it was fun, it was crass, it was sexy and it was confusing,” Byrne said.

Bowie by Herb Ritts, 1993


Bowie had had a heart attack back in the mid 2000’s. His music had changed once again with his last album, and this one just as much. This new one, “Blackstar,” he has jazz players playing with him. His new music video, “Lazarus,” came out on Friday, and shows him, frail, lying in the bed and singing. The first line of the song is “Look up here, I’m in heaven.” Bowie said he was never comfortable performing, and really had to put his mind to doing it.   Referring to his alter ego, Ziggy Stardust:

“I mean, he was half out of sci-fi rock and half out of the Japanese theater. The clothes were, at the time, simply outrageous,” he shared.

“Nobody had seen anything like [that] before…Now I realize that from ’72 through to about ’76, I was the ultimate rock star. I couldn’t have been more rock star.”

A tragic loss to the music industry, he will be missed…–dead-at-69

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Run Your Own Race and Win

I like to consider myself competetive by nature.  For me, the best way to beat my own limits is to set my sights on something, and then set a goal to beat it.  And I mean on anything.  Numbers, my numbers, other people’s numbers, ANYTHING.

But, after starting out in real estate, and then SEEING other people’s numbers, it scared the HELL outta me.  Now, my favorite saying is from Donald Trump: “Think BIG…  You gotta think anyway, so why not think BIG!!!”  Well, there’s also the other saying…  If your goals don’t scare the HELL out of you, they’re not big enough.

Now, getting started in real estate is daunting to say the least.  It’s no small undertaking.  If I knew THEN that it would take at least a year or two to really get rolling, I might have re-thought doing it.  So, here I was, broke and hungry, trying to get business.  So, I said to myself, “Self?”(and no one answered…) “I need to find a number to start at, and a goal to hit.  Number of listings?  Cheap ones?  Mid price ones?”  I saw a few local agents that had EACH had 75-125 listings, most bank owned.  THAT wouldn’t happen.  Then I looked at successful agents that I thought were average…  yep, Circle of Excellence, 10 million in sales, you get the idea.  GRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

So a fellow realtor said not to get discouraged, that I would hit “critical mass.”  What the heck is that???  She explained that the phone would start to ring, and then not stop.  But NOT to quit.  Well, how long does that take?  About a year or two.  I was just getting started!!!

So, I realized that while I could emulate the greats, I would never be like any of them on many levels.  Discipline, personality, marketing, approach.  So what did it all boil down to?

We are all running the race.  We may beat out our competition, we may not.  There are people that come prepared, others do not.  Some may cut corners, others play by the book.  Yes it IS a competetive sport, real estate, but in the end, we all run our own race.  We can only strive to be the best that we can be, as people, and in what we do.  Whether it’s the number, or quality, or price of the listings doesn’t matter.  OR how many closings we have.  We can only strive to be and do our very best.  AND treat our clients just the same.  THAT is what will bring business, and make us the true winner of our own race!


In order to be successful at anything in life, you have to EMBRACE THE SUCK.

In order to be successful at anything in life, you have to EMBRACE THE SUCK.

What is the suck you ask? The suck is anything that you have to do, that you KNOW you have to do, that you really don’t want to have to do, EVER. The fact remains, you GOTTA do it. This goes for real estate, sales, really life in general. I mean don’t get me wrong, will have to do suck things in life. Cleaning, working. But what I’m talking about are the calls that you KNOW you have to make that you don’t WANT to make. Cold calling. Calling clients to tell them that you haven’t gotten a single bite on their property. BPOs that you know are under deadline. Door knocking. Anything that involves going outside of your comfort level is also known as the suck.

Unfortunately, in real estate, the suck is the cornerstone of your business. This is why you MUST embrace it. If you don’t, you will have no business, end of subject. You need to get past it, get over it, or learn to love it, in other words, EMBRACE THE SUCK. Hate cold calling? Too bad. Hate dealing with irate clients? You better learn how to deal with it, and fast. Hate going out and showing houses full of bed bugs termites and cockroaches? Guess what? If that’s all your client wants to look at, you better embrace the suck, or they’ll find another agent that will.

embrace the suck
embrace the suck








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When I got started I used to work in an office of veteran agents that refused to work after 1 p.m. on Friday until 9 a.m. on Monday. They couldn’t be bothered with answering phone calls from “newbie home buyers” on the weekends. Let me tell you something, that was the beginning foundation of my business when I started. I told those agents please shut your phone off. I’ll take your money all day long. To which they said, “I don’t care, SOMEBODY will sell it, but it won’t be ME on a weekend.”

They also hated doing open houses for their clients in the fall and winter, so they’d have other agents do them for them. Again, that was the beginning foundation of my business. God knows I froze my tail off in vacant houses my first winter with no heat on.  In two of them, it was colder in the house than it was outside! But, I had to…EMBRACE THE SUCK.  Believe it or not, each of those two iceboxes brought me my first sales!

So, YES, there are things we HAVE to do that we HATE having to do.  But, NOT doing them will cost us business.  But, when we DO them, that’s what sets us apart from everybody else.  And THAT, my friend, is where the magic happens.  EMBRACE THE SUCK!